Holy Family Catholic Church

Bulldog Lake

1182 County Road 8

Hillman, MN  56338-4020



Holy Family

"All are welcome in this place"


The History of Holy Family



In 1895 the Missionaries of The Holy Family were established in Grave, Holland by Father Jean Berthier, a member of the Missionary Society of La Salette, on the principles of family and mission work.  In the early 1920's, MSF priests began working among the poor in South Texas.  In 1924 Reverend Joseph Grundhoff MSF made his way to our area and became the first pastor of Holy Family serving a total of five families.  At that time the location of the church was a small building on Long Lake, which is still standing today.  In the Spring of 1926, construction began on the large monastery building adjacent to the shore of Bulldog Lake.  Included in the monastery was a small chapel which was used for mass.  Some of the earliest families to attend were:  Schmolke's, Zak's, Gross's, Smude's, Schaefer's, Virnig's, Poster's, and Segler's.  From the beginning, this country church was filled with heart and determination.  Parishioners came with horses and tractors to dig the basement for a new church next to the monastery.  Construction was completed in 1934 and could accomplish the growing parish nicely.


Jean Berthier MS - Founder of Holy Family Missionaries
The Original Church - Long Lake
Still being used today as a cabin
Monastery Construction

Priests of Holy Family

Rev. Joseph Grundhoff, MSF


Rev. Bechelmeir, MSF

Rev. Peter Berger, MSF


Rev. Dix, MSF

Rev. Clement Grzenia, MSF


Rev. F. Biwer, OSC


Rev. William Hoffman, MSF


Rev. George Bolte, MSF


Rev. August Otto, MSF


Rev. John Verhoeven, MSF


Rev. Joseph Groben, MSF


Rev. Richard Oberstar, MSF


Rev. Robert Bedrosian, MSF


Rev. Victor Chateauvert, MSF


Rev. Raymond Cossette


Rev. Vincent Ott, OMI


Rev. Gabriel Binye

(Aug. 2004 - Jan. 2005)

Rev. Dr. Paul Fruth

(Aug. 2003 - Jul. 2009)

Rev. Justin Fish

(July 2009-July 2011)

Rev. David Forsman

(July 2011-2018)

Rev. Eli Gieske